Download Invisible Horse Jump Obstacle for Sims 3 Pets

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When I started thinking about creating the horse, Tucker’s Fool, in Sims 3 Pets, I ended up in this whole new part of the sims community: the horse world.

I had been bummed about the lack of horse mods out there and the default ugly ass tack I was forced to use and now I have this growing resource of awesome.

Expect several “horse themed” downloads in the next few days. I’ll spread them out so you don’t get too bored.

Invisible horse jump for Sims 3 Pets

You can pretty much place everything between the 2 poles, i used cars, sims sleeping in bed, walls, plants etc etc.

Download the Invisible Horse Jump Obstacle for Sims 3 Pets from The Sims Resource.

  • kitty cat sims horse

    this is the BEST!

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