Next Sims 3 Expansion: Werewolves, Fairies and Zombies, Oh My!

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The Sims 3: Showtime[affiliate link] just came out and already we’re talking about the NEXT expansion.

Damn, y’all! Can a girl take a breath?

All kinds of fun bits are included in the 1.32 patch that was released on the heels of Showtime.

If you’ve been waiting for werewolves to make a reappearance in your sims game, you should be a very happy camper once this new expansion hits.

Itty bitty part of the interactions list specific to werewolves:

Imply Mother was a Chupacabra
Sniff Inappropriately
Threaten to Exploit Weakness
Warn Away
Complain About Werewolf Curse
Joke About Shedding
Whack On Nose
Play With Pack
Eat With Pack ({0.Money})
Drinks With Pack ({0.Money})

Other things of interest: Fairies, zombies, witches and alchemy. Bee keeping shows back up in this seventh expansion and careers look like they’re getting a boost.

I didn’t get an instant hate feeling for this expansion like I did for Showtime and I gotta say I’m a bit intrigued.

Excited? Disappointed? Just want to hear more?

Read the whole list at SimsVip.

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