The Sims Franchise: Happy Birthday! My, How You’ve Grown!

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I feel bad I forgot The Sims’s birthday but, in my defense, I didn’t start playing the second it came out. A friend in the dorm introduced the game to me and I spent many hours–some when I was supposed to be in class–playing the classic game.

See? It’s not like I forgot the blessed event…I just had the timing wrong.

Wait a second. That sounds weird to call it “classic” since I just admitted I was in college when the game came out. What the hell does that make me?! Don’t answer that.

It’s a missed birthday and, since I can’t go and wish the game a “Happy Birthday!” on Facebook and hope they don’t realize I’m a couple of days too late, I’m watching old videos on YouTube of the game.

What strikes me as funny is a lot of the stuff I’ve been attributing to The Sims 2 is actually The Sims things.

I keep trying to bring up good memories of The Sims 2–and I’m sure I have some since I fucking loved that game–but everything keeps going back to the original.

Give this a listen:

If you played The Sims and someone started that music for you, I guarantee you’d be able to identify it from the start.

This, though, THIS was my all-time favorite. In fact, as soon as I booted up The Sims 3 Pets, I was confused as to why I wasn’t hearing this music.

The graphics have expanded–as well they should–as the franchise has expanded and matured. Things we only dreamt about when we were playing The Sims and The Sims 2 are now available in The Sims 3 and I’m sure there’s a butt ton of stuff that can still be done that we haven’t even considered. Stuff we’ll see and NEED and wonder how we ever played without it.

Walk down Memory Lane with me?

The Sims: Hot Date:

The Sims 2: Nightlife:

The Sims 3: Late Night:

As the franchise continues to evolve, there’s no telling what we’re going to see before the next chapter opens. Sims 4? They’re already working on that one.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get my University and Seasons before we see the last of The Sims 3.

Happy Birthday, The Sims Franchise! Here’s to another 12.

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