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I have this…thing for wall art in Sims 3.

By “thing” I mean I’m obsessed with the stuff and probably have more paintings and such for my game than I have hairs and makeup, put together.

Just like in real life, adding a painting or two to a wall adds some warmth and detail that is missing if you just slap on some paint or wallpaper.

Newshoes not only makes some awesome looking content, but also takes great pictures that show just how important it is to create a realistic space and that includes pretty, pretty pictures on the walls.


Chalk by Cy Twombly for Sims 3

by Newshoes


Yayoi Kusama, Cy Twombly, Cy Twombly, Andrew Wyeth, Alex Katz, Jackson Pollock paintings for Sims 3

by Newshoes

The challenge, created by Newshoes, is simple and straightforward.

Choose a painting from any period or style in the history of art and create an interior or exterior in Sims inspired by it.
You can recreate what is depicted in the original painting, or simply take inspiration from its style, color palette, mood etc. How you choose to draw inspiration from the original is open and up to you.

If you want to join in, head to the Living Sims Sims Imitate Art Challenge and get to creating.

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