February 2012

Sims 3 Kindle Fire

Noticing a trend this week? I might have visited Fresh Prince’s site and now I’ve found too much stuff for my own game so I’m sharing. I’ll live vicariously through your game. Or something. Maybe you can’t have a Kindle Fire right now but that’s no reason to deprive your poor sims. Don’t they deserve […]

The only vehicles I download for my Sims 3 game are the vehicles Fresh Prince creates and I’ve loved every stinkin’ one of them. I’ve been featuring his stuff since I was writing for b5media and the quality has just gotten better and better. I knew there had been a butt ton of content released […]

I haven’t had the chance to mess with FreePlay and after watching Lazy Game Review’s review, I have absolutely no desire to give it a try.

“Where do you put the Resource.cfg file for Sims 3?” is one of the most commonly emailed questions I get and I probably receive it a couple of times a week. I figured, since I get the question so much, there’s obviously confusion about the Resource.cfg file so I’m putting this up. Now I can […]

The Sims Social Logo

Looks like China’s about to learn how to properly waste a lot of time. BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The universally popular life simulation franchise, The Sims™, is coming to China’s leading social network, Tencent Open Platform. The Sims Social™ is in development at Playfish™ in Beijing, a studio of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:EA), and will be available to […]