Social Aspect of The Sims 3 Showtime “Completely Optional”

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Everyone knows I’ve had major reservations about Showtime.

A bit of those “reservations” stem from me being a big baby and being bitter about this new expansion having absolutely nothing to do with Seasons from The Sims 2. It’s funny how an expansion that got on my nerves so much–snow in your house, anyone?–could end up being one of my “must haves.”

The other stem of my reservations…or something…has to do with the “social” aspect of the game.

Initially, it seemed that sending your preforming Sims to others’ games would be an integral part of the game and that you would be penalized if you didn’t jump on board. Luckily, that seems to not be the case:

SimPort is the new and completely optional feature in The Sims 3 Showtime that allows friends to share their Sims by sending them into each other’s worlds by going on tour. SimPort is brought to you through a fun new menu that looks like a travel journal, allowing you to send your star Sim performers on tour to the venues and stages in your friend’s world to perform special shows. You can also invite a friend to send their Sims in to perform for you. You can customize the stage in your venue with special themed backgrounds, props, lights and special effects before your friend’s Sim arrives to make sure their performance is a hit with your crowd of Sims.

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