Official The Sims 3 Showtime Expansion Images

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I’m not happy about this expansion.

OK. So maybe the idea of having a bear in my game makes me happy but me thinks it’s probably just a prop. If there’s a REAL bear in the game then I want that fucker. Just sayin.

I guess the idea of the circus/magic stuff makes me happy but I don’t want any of the social media stuff. I play Sims so I don’t have to interact with real people–that’s a half truth…maybe 5/8. Why in the world would I want to make my sims interact with real people’s sims?

Answer? I wouldn’t.

But here are some pictures. I may not dig this expansion as it’s been presented thus far but you might be as excited as my kid.

  • fergusonsarah

    I LOVE it!.. I am so excited for this.. I am so addicted to this tooo!

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