I Can’t Help But Cheat At The Sims 3

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I’ve been playing a heck of a lot of Sims 3 Pets since I started reading that legacy. I guess the legacy really did inspire me to play my game.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to stick to hard-core legacy rules so I made my own rule that I wouldn’t cheat with the money.

This is a big deal for me since I’ve used the money cheat since The Sims.

Anyone remember klapaucius and rosebud? And when you could type “!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!” and type a : instead and then it wouldn’t work? OK. NOT the point here…

There IS a point. Promise.

Here’s Cody–the one on the left:

Cody trying to pick up a dude.
I told you I take awesome pictures. Heh. Actually, I’m not that bad. Proof!

Normally I make a couple–so I don’t have to make my sim find someone and fall in love and all that–and then cheat them about $100k and then they just hang out and make babies and it gets boring as hell.

This time I bought a furnished, pre-made house and had to have Cody get a job. A job! One of those things OTHER Sims get but mine never get.

And know what? I’ve been having a good time.

Cody has a guy she’s digging and the job hasn’t been going too bad and she has a cool pitbull named Harley. Life was grand for Cody until I started freaking out about the fact Cody didn’t have a burglar alarm and her house had already been ransacked and Harley would rather lick a burglar than chase them and guess what?

Cody only had $132.

I didn’t realize–until that point–just how expensive alarms are…and a better bed…and a couch that doesn’t look like something Harley puked up.

So I used “motherlode” and I knew I shouldn’t but it was going to take FOREVER to buy that damn alarm. FOREVER. Stupid burglars would steal all of her crappy stuff before she could save up enough money and she wouldn’t ever get the chance to save up since she would have to replace the crap the stupid thieves stole.

Vicious, vicious circle.

The double kick in the ass? Cody’s LTW is to have $40k. Motherlode? Gives you $50k.


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