New The Sims 3 Expansion is SHOWTIME! Or is it…

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I lose internet for a couple of weeks due to moving into a righteously awesome house and what happens whilst I’m living under the rock that is 3G phone internet access?

The newest expansion for The Sims 3 franchise is announced! Here, here and here.

What the hell?

I very much a whole lot love the cable station but the “showtime” expansion idea just sounds like epic suck. Whenever I say something like that or I review a game harshly, I cringe internally since I know someone–or a lot of someones–put everything they have behind a suck idea and they loved and nurtured the suck idea and I don’t want to hurt their feelings and/or make them feel any worse than they already feel for riding that suck boat down to the depths of the suck ocean but there are somethings that must be said and The Sims 3 Showtime equals suck to the first degree.


Before you get all over me about tossing on a game that hasn’t even technically been announced, you have to admit there’s some credibility in the fact that PC SpellenKopen has the game listed with a release date of 03/08/2012.

And at the end of the day, this is but my humble opinion. I’m sure there are tons of folks who can’t wait for this kind of thing just like I’m twiddling my thumbs for Seasons and University.

Here’s the fake trailer for the game. OK. Not really. At least I hope it’s not since the trailer makes the game look like my dog’s dinner.

  • Sara_Matta

    uff… i really hoped that the next EP would be¬†Season or University.. i mean, TS3 Show time seems funny but… i just¬†want EPSeasons :'(Errr… sorry for my bad english XP

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