Get More [or Less] Unicorns in Your Sims 3 Pets Game

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I talked about the unicorn that showed up in my game and, yeah, I know that the “rain” isn’t actually rain but it LOOKS like rain and I was talking about how awesome it looks and should have said that EA obviously has the rain mechanic down. My fault for not laying it all out there.

Anyway, since that one unicorn showing up, there haven’t been any others and I want a unicorn for mah very own. As you well know, I am NOT above cheating.

But is using custom content “cheating?” I. Think. Not.

Claudiasharon has created a mod that lets you tweak the number of unicorns that spawn.

Too many showing up? [Like you can have too many horny equine…err…]

Not enough showing up?

This mod will fix that for ya.

Click here to download “Not enough unicorns? Too many spawning?” for The Sims 3 Pets from Mod the Sims.

And my poor, lonely, missing unicorn:

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