I Wrote This At Kmart Gamer: Review: The Sims 3 Pets for Console (PS3)

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I’m going to start this out from the get-go with the disclosure that I only play The Sims 3 on PC. The last time I played a Sims game on a console it was The Sims 2 on the PS2 and I hated it.


BUT, I saw Ben Bell do a presentation for The Sims 3 Pets on the 360 while I was at E3 and it looked freakin’ sweet so I was bound and determined to give it the most open-minded shot I could.

Random question concerning the “Let’s make a choice on what to do.” screen: What’s up with those falling leaves? Hmm? Are those a hint? Just wondering…

Character creation functions just like in the PC version and once I figured out what buttons I was supposed to push–I know that sounds dumb but it wasn’t intuitive for me.–I moved through the process with little to no bloodshed. There are tons of available outfits and if you don’t see anything you’re just blown away by, change the texture and color and you’ll end up with a truly custom item.

The dogs and cats are a blast to create and, much like their humanoid counterparts, the level of customization is pretty stellar. You can assign up to two traits to each pet and choose from a heck of a lot of different “pre-made” breeds. If you purchased the Limited Edition version, you’ll become the proud new owner of ten “special” breeds of pets. However, the lack of horses in the console version would push me to the PC side of things.


Mabari War Hound, anyone?

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