Hidden Springs Fountain of Life Glitch Caused By Spell Book?

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If you watch the video I posted of Hidden Spring’s Fountain of Youth, you might notice the Sim never develops any sort of moodlet from the wishing at the fountain. The lack of the mini waterfall has nothing to do with the glitch and has everything to do with the fact I had the graphics on my game turned all the way down.

SimsVip alerted me to a forum post concerning the glitch and the issue is apparently caused by some sort of fight between the Spell Book and the Fountain of Youth.

The Sims 3 Hidden Spring Fountain of Youth Glitch Fix

When I get the chance–hopefully today–I’m going to to see if I get rid of the Spell Book if my Fountain of Youth gives me the moodlets.

If the Spell Book is the problem then that presents a special issue for EA and The Sims 3 team: high cost gameplay added content that conflicts with other high cost gameplay added content.

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