Hack So Sims 3 Toddlers Learn Skills Super Fast

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Cross-eyed Sims 3 toddlerOne of my least favorite things to do in The Sims 3 is deal with teaching toddlers how to walk, talk and go to the bathroom on their own. It just takes so damn long!

Back when I first got The Sims 3 I had a hack to speed up the toddler learning process but as expansions came out, the hack was rendered useless so I’ve been avoided letting my Sims have kids. Really. Childless Sims for this girl.

But now, Claudiasharon at MTS has come out with a Generations compatible hack/mod that allows you to chose the level of cheating your comfortable using and speed up–or really slow down–the rate at which your Sims’ toddler learn these three important skills.

Click here to download Claudiasharon’s mod/hack so you don’t have to wait on those pesky toddlers to learn their skills.

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