Will Wright’s TED Talk on Toys That Make Worlds

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I worked for a site called SimsGamer.com. For some reason–and I wasn’t asking questions–I was asked to play with Spore’s Creature Creator and enter into a contest to win $15,000 for my favorite charity.

And I played with that Creature Creator and I had a grand old time. I didn’t win, if you were wondering.

I did make Avery and I loved her and she loved her kids.

avery babies

Tonight I was looking through Ted.com talks for a post I’m doing at Taste Like Crazy for a sweet ass writing gig I’ve been asked in on that I can’t really talk about other than to say it’s been offered and I found a talk Will Wright did on Spore and it brought me back to when I did the Character Creator.

I sincerely hope you watch all of Will’s talk. He’s a fantastic dude and his talk is great.

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