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My poor laptop has decided running five full games and two stuff packs of The Sims 3 is a bit more than it’s willing to run and so I started trying to resurrect an old tower of mine. My plan was to rehab the thing and dedicate it to The Sims 3.

All Sims all the time.

Unfortunately, the tower is good for next to nothing other than playing on the internet but I did find all of my The Sims 2 discs and my The Sims disc. I didn’t even realize I still had those discs.

As I was uninstalling unneeded programs from the tower, I discovered all of my The Sims 2 games were still installed. It was all I could do to keep myself from starting up University or Pets but I knew if I did that I’d be disappointed. Sure there’d be nostalgia associated with them but it just wouldn’t be the same now that I’ve spent all this time with The Sims 3.

However, I did feel a ton of guilt for unistalling all of those expansions.

The Sims disc

The Sims 2 discs, expansions and stuff packs

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