The Sims 3 Framework Made Super Easy

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Framework painting

Framework Movie Pics

Since two of my posts on Framework have become extremely popular [Sims 3 Framework and Why You Need It and Five Steps to Shiny Custom Content in Sims 3] and patch 1.12 changed where your custom content is located, I wanted to make this Framework thing as easy as possible on you.

Delphy at Mod the Sims has killed the Framework Installer Tool since it’s no longer relevant–I’ll update that post sometime today. Needless to say, that tool isn’t going to help you out.

What will help you out is the premade Framework Delphy put together for you.

Click HERE to download the premade Framework.

Once you download the zip file, extract it somewhere. It’s going to show up as a “mods” folder wherever you extracted the file.

Take that file and put place it here: C:\Users\[User]\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3.

That Mods folder contains two folders and a file [Packages, Overrides and Resource.cfg]. Within that Packages folder you’re going to find two files: nointro.package and NoBuildSparkles.package. No Intro kills the intro of the game and No Build Sparkles kills the sparkles you get when you lay down a wall. Delete the files if you want.

Your custom content will live in the “Packages” folder you just placed.

And that’s it! The Sims 3 Framework has been installed. Bravo!


  • baza76

    Do you need internt to install this framework?????

    • http://www.sims3gamer.com/about/staff/ Amy

      You’ll need an internet connection to download the framework.

  • filia_san

    You are my hero ^_^ I haven’t been able to get the Framework Setup, due to the mod the sims site nearly always being down. And the mediafire download no longer exists. I’ve been waiting to try a marriage mod, for ages.

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