One of the things that drives me crazy is when I shell out full price for a Sims 3 game and then the good sales start to hit and I screw myself over. The Sims 3 Franchise Steam SaleThen again, since I’ve done this with each and every Sims 3 game and Stuff Pack, I guess I should stop bitching, huh?

If you’ve been waiting to get The Sims 3 or maybe you’ve been holding off on getting a couple of the expansions, I wouldn’t wait any longer.

Steam is holding at 24 hour sale on the entire The Sims 3 franchise and you can score every single game/expansion/stuff pack in the franchise for less than $80–doesn’t include Barnacle Bay but you’re not missing much.

But like the title of this post implies, you only have 24 hours and actually, it’s less than that now; this sale ends Thursday at 10am PST.

Click here to head to the sale page.

Tip from SimsVip.

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