Faire Folk Slumber Free at The Sims 3 Store!

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Free stuff is always appreciated especially when it’s Store content and it’s a cute set like the Faire Folk Slumber set.

With this set you’ll get six items including a new bed and a dresser.

It’s nice to see EA finally listening to all the bitching that’s been going around about there not being any decent free stuff at The Store.

Not sure how long this will last so get it while you can.

Click on the pretty picture for the link to the set.

The Sims 3 Free Faire Folk Slumber Set

*Update: Nevermind. When you click on to download the items, you get the message that it’s no longer available. I already own the set so I didn’t think to try it out. I assumed since it was on the site and said it was FREE that it was still available and you could still get it. Silly me. You know what they say about assuming…*

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