July 2011

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Cross-eyed Sims 3 toddler

One of my least favorite things to do in The Sims 3 is deal with teaching toddlers how to walk, talk and go to the bathroom on their own. It just takes so damn long! Back when I first got The Sims 3 I had a hack to speed up the toddler learning process but […]

Unicorns in The Sims 3 Pets

I have a confession to make. When Sims 2 Pets came out, I was so excited I almost peed myself. OK. So I didn’t really almost pee myself but I was pretty excited. And then I played the game and between my Sims being ridiculous dolts and me having a bad habit of creating a […]

Sims 3 Pets E3 2011 Video Teaser Screen

Assistant editor Bengt Lemne from Gamereactor interviewed Aaron Conners at the EA booth during E3 and though I don’t think anything new is revealed in this interview, it’s nice to hear about Pets from a producer I haven’t seen before and get his take on the game. With Aaron Conners’s extensive background in the industry, […]

The Sims Social Gym

Sure, I’m not ridiculously excited about The Sims Social but I do think it will be a hit. How long it will be a hit I don’t know but I figure a lot of people will try it out just to see what it’s all about. An official release date still hasn’t been released but […]