Mod the Sims Going Down for a Couple of Days for Polishing

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When I’m looking for custom content, I head to Mod the Sims.

A wide selection of creators list their content there and the forums are pretty helpful without a ton of snark and/or butthurt kids. Not only do they have a bunch of Sims 3 stuff but they also still have Sims 2 stuff; I think they still have creators uploading for Sims 2, as well.

The problem with having all that custom content and forums is lots can and does go wrong. Servers get messy and sticky and slow and users start to bitch. So Delphy, always the intrepid leader, is shutting everything down to preform some much needed house cleaning.

The site’s going down tomorrow with a proposed downtime is two to three days and you can keep an eye on Delphy’s Twitter stream for sporadic updates.

Mod the Sims to go down.

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