New The Sims Social Characters

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EA is slowly rolling out new information and images for The Sims Social. It looks like they’re adopting Facebook as the one-stop shop for information and images pertaining to the various titles they have out as well as for the stuff that’s on its way to stores.

What I’ve seen so far hasn’t come anywhere close to convincing me to waste more time on Facebook to play this game or any game, for that matter. In fact, I just got done blocking four different games on Facebook because I have a couple of family members who are eaten up with Facebook games.

Even if I have little to no interest in the forthcoming social game, you might be excited so here are some pictures for you.


the sims social blue party girl slut

She's VERY happy that her boobs are about to fall out of her dress.

the sims social green workout chick

She's staying extra fit so she looks hot for The Sims Social launch.

the sims social purple gambling geek

So he's a gambling, geek jock? I'm confused.

the Sims Social orange five oclock shadow guy

He thinks orange brings out the color of his eyes.

the Sims social purple rocker chick

She forgot to put on a shirt but that's OK. She's hardcore.

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