The Sims Social E3 2011 Reveal Video

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I’ve already said that I don’t see myself playing The Sims Social but now that I’ve seen the idea in action–sort of–I can understand what the Sims arm of EA is going for.

In our hyperconnected world, it just makes sense to more fully integrate our social selves and our gaming selves. This is probably one reason why over 11 million pay to play World of Warcraft–you get to game and you get to hang out with your friends and/or make new friends. Just think! You can be both a basement dwelling shut-in AND a social butterfly.

My main concern with The Sims Social is that it will become another Farmville with all of the annoying requests that came along with it. When my Wall is filled with game requests and such, I just get pissed and avoid Facebook.

At any rate, here’s the reveal video from EA’s press conference.

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