Sims 3 Seasons the Next Expansion?

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Remember when I had issues with the whole flaming bag of crap on the front porch with Generations and I speculated the next expansion would be Pets?

I was right with that one.

Then, I talked with Ben Bell and he flat out told me University isn’t the next expansion they’re working on but when I asked about Seasons, everyone was quite tight lipped; I didn’t even get a response.

Granted, all of this is strictly conjecture but I suspect I have proof. What’s the first thing you notice in these pictures over than the ponies?

Sims 3 Pets Seasons Horse Jumping

The first things I noticed were the pretty colored trees.

Maybe a sign Seasons is next? Based on how quickly Pets is being released after the release of Generations, do you think Seasons–if it’s really going to happen–will be released as close to Pets?

Just some thoughts. I hope I’m right about Seasons like I was Pets. What would be even cooler is if they combine Seasons and University.

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  • pixiedust4267

    I certainly hope you are right about Seasons being next ..that would be totally awesome.

  • music598

    they need to get a move on with the sims 3 games… i mean im not trying to rush cause im not impatient its just if u compare the amt of expansion packs in the sims 2 then the sims 3, i do start to get anxious

    • StephanieCutler

      @music598 Well you get to consider the facts. Sims 3 has a lot more detail and life to it then Sims 2.

  • StephanieCutler

    Sims 2 Seasons was my favorite Sims 2 game out of all of them. I really hope they release it soon <3333

  • deminator0309

    I just feel like seasons made the game more realistic. Seasons is an important part in life. Building snowmen or snow angles, maybe even watching the leaves fall off or change color. It makes the game that much better, lets go seasons!

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