Sims 3 Pets Collar From E3

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One of the prize possessions I picked up at E3 last week was the coveted Sims 3 Pets dog collar that was given out after you watched the console demo be played.

My initial goal was to secure two of the collars with the help of the awesome EA rep who was serving as my EA booth guide–going to E3 with Sears does have its perks. I got the two collars and I was going to give them to my kids since they demand schwag when I get back from a conference. Unfortunately, for the kids, the collars are actual spiked dog collars with…well…spikes. My four year old and two year old do not need spiked collars. They manage to hurt each other just fine without spikes, thankyouverymuch.

One of the collars went to a guy on the trip with me and I kept the other one for Jud from SimPrograms since he had asked me to keep an eye out for good Sims 3 stuff.

But I couldn’t let the collar go to its new home without getting at least one picture of it on my dog, Sophie.

sims 3 pets collar

Sophie feels like a pretty, pretty princess.

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