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Hey, guys. I have some information that I need to get clarified concerning Sims 3 Pets since the demonstration I saw today was played on the Xbox360 and I’m confused what some features will be console specific–hence the clarifications. Since I’m leaving E3 tomorrow, I’m hoping to have you some more info for you by Friday since I’ll be traveling for the second half of the day and I have meetings the first half.

And, by now, you’re rolling your eyes. Sorry.

I’m going to list my notes here for you and you see this –> * then that means I’m going to get that one clarified.

Before I do that, I’ll let you know about some rumors.

  1. University is the next expansion according one of the Sims 3 floor “helpers.”
  2. University is NOT the expansion that’s being worked on right now according to Ben Bell.
  3. Sims 3 Pets will come with a new town. I heard this from several different people and that would explain why no new town was included with Generations. I was also told the other reason for no new town in Generations was due to the developers wanting to focus on the life stages and not have to worry about creating a whole new town.
  4. I asked when Seasons would be coming out and I don’t know if that took them by surprise or what but a couple of the Sims 3 folks started to respond and then promptly shut their mouths. Not sure what that means.

Take all of that with a grain of salt; I won’t put money on any of that–other than the new town–until I see the press releases.

From my notes today:

Sims 3 Pets Notes

I couldn't find any real paper.

  1. Over 100 dog and cat breeds.
  2. Play as the pet just like you would if you were a “human.”
  3. Personality system for the pets e.g., dumb, mean, messy, genius…you get the idea.
  4. With the Xbox360 version, Kinect functionality is supported with voice commands.
  5. Pets can have “romantic social opportunities” with other pets.
  6. They can “woohoo” and “try for a baby.” Those are two different interactions, by the way.
  7. There’s a genetic system for pets just like there is for sims.
  8. A mystery system has been included in the console version of Pets and your pets can/will help you solve those mysteries. *
  9. Like in Sims 2, your pets can have jobs and support the household.
  10. There was also mention of pirate treasure and pets helping to excavate the treasure. I guarantee you that’s what the “dog digging” render is showing.*
  11. Karma powers have been improved a bit with at least one addition because of Pets: the ability to make all of the pets in the town turn feral.
  12. Different towns for console and PC.
  13. No horses on consoles.

That’s what I have and I’m tired and I have to pack since I’m leaving straight from the convention center to LAX.

I hope I’ve given you some stuff to think over and I hope you’re as excited as I am!

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