Lovers’ Poses for Sims 3

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Download Lovers’ Poses for Sims 3 at Maximum Sims.

  • lindsay

    that picture i dont like because it has a boy with no shirt on

  • revanmahariel

    What are you fucking 8? Get over it prude.

  • Ih8aholeslikeu


    Sigh, What is she IS 8 and you’re using language like that? Are you living in a household were your wishes are not completed (both in game and in real life) that you have to act so tough and a dick towards others? How sad, shame your mother didn’t know of the word ABORTION before she spawned you out of her arse.

  • http://Sims3Gamer.com/ Amy @ Sims 3 Gamer

    @revanmahariel I have a feeling that comment wasn’t even a real one but understand some of your shock at such a comment in response to a fairly tame picture. @Ih8aholeslikeu I was kind of with you for the first two and a half lines. That last part? You took it too far. I get where you were coming from buy please don’t attack another commenter like that again.

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