Sims 3 Pets Official Trailer: For Real! Really!

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It’s from EAVison. This is real. Really. Pets. Not a rumor. With ponies! And guard dogs and ghost ponies! SQUEEE!. Sims 3 Pets Logo

Yeah. I squeed. Get over it.

Excited? Well, are you? It’s obvious I’m ecstatic. Some of that is due to the fact I’ve always owned horses and have always wanted them in my game and the other part is the improved functionality and graphics of The Sims 3 lends itself to fantastic possibilities for this expansion.

I’ve watched the trailer three times so far and it looks a ton better than the Sims 2 version looks and heads and shoulders above the “leaked” trailer from a couple of months ago.

From the looks of this, the only thing that could make me a more contented simmer would be if EA release a Sims 3 version of University.

Glad I saw SimsVip’s tweet!

Read the official Sims 3 Pets press release here.

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