Have You Lost the Drive To Play Sims 3?

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I seem to have lost the drive to play Sims 3 and that makes me sad.

I’ve been playing with Sims since the original game hit shelves and I don’t even want to think about the amount of money I’ve spent of base games, expansions and stuff packs. I used to get so caught up in a game that I would sit down to play and it would be in the afternoon and when I finally looked up from the game, it would be the middle of the night; time just seemed to pass me by.

I’m crossing my fingers that Generations will kick me in the ass and remind me how much I liked the game. Maybe I’m outgrowing Sims 3? I sure hope not.

I know there are people who refuse to play Sims 3 for a variety of reasons and I thought of possibly going back to The Sims 2 but even that just makes me tired. Maybe it’s not Sims but a general funk I’m in?

Am I the only one who has lost the drive to play Sims 3?

  • Anonymous

     I use to get bored sometimes and lost the drive too.    What I do is I play another game get bored of that game and come back to Sims 3 and love it again.    I keep switching forth and back between  different PC games and it keeps the drive going and boredom away!

  • http://redshirtknitting.com Erika

    I think it’s normal to go through some “blah” periods. That’s when I like to spice things up by starting a challenge. There are a ton of challenges out there… right now I’m on the 2nd generation of the most difficult challenge I’ve found so far, in over a decade of playing:


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