I have some ridiculously AMAZING NEWS!!!

Like…wow. I just might find a bouncing gif to put in here somewhere.

I entered Kmart’s contest for a chance to go to E3 with Kmart. That’s right, folks. E3.

And guess what? I WON A PLACE! {Here’s my Kmart submission if you’re interested in reading it.}

Among other things, I’m probably-hopefully-going to get to talk with one of EA’s producers for The Sims 3.

I have my own ideas on what I want to know:

  • Are we going to get weather anytime soon?
  • When are we getting college again?
  • Pets? Soon? Please?
  • What’s the next Stuff Pack on the way?
  • What’s EA’s feelings on paid CC?

I’m sure I’ll come up with some more things to ask by the time I hit L.A. but this site wouldn’t exist and I probably wouldn’t have won this contest if it wasn’t for you guys so what the heck would YOU ask if you got to talk with an EA producer?

Leave your questions in the comments section below and I’ll pick five questions on May 30th and let y’all know whose questions were selected.

Also, my goal is to get the answers on video so if/when I get that, I’ll post it so you can drool.

Sound good?

Let the commenting begin!


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  • Sweetpotatoe

    When will we get height sliders?

    also…I thought these might a good addition to the game:


    Breastfeeding in the original game. (just check Medieval if you don’t believe me)

    Ice-cream truck/parlor

    BBQ recipes (for seasons ep)

    nose, lip, eyebrow piercings

    a dancing career

    The ability to stop/start the aging of the sims you’re not playing (i don;t know if this will be added to generations)

    Oh well…That’s just off the top of my head…might add so more. Congrats on the awesome trip!

  • James

    Please , to construct more stylish buildings , i recommend you to add ‘detailed’ architectural elements such as pilasters , quoins , mansard roofs , finials , mouldings , circular walls and so on . These will make sims in a very advanced level

    And also seasons and college ! Lastly , you can add turn-ons / offs again . Thanks

  • Petar

    So what about Seasons and Pets?

  • Jffctr

    Ask them if

    There is any new kisses

    About the Dating feature

    If the slowdance is coming back

    If the group feature is going to be fixed with a patch.

  • Jffctr

    Is there a holiday stuff pack coming out in September? Ask them this.

  • Joel

    New open Community Lots!! : )

  • Tomás

    Ask them if there is going to be a new expansion pack or something about reality shows, like Big Brother. Thank you 🙂

  • Sean

    Please could you ask them, whether they are going to fix the ‘stuttering’ for high end systems. Even with an FPS limiter the game still stutters horribly at the moment.

  • Greenmother1

    I don’t know what I would ask I think I would just be so dumbfounded that I won something!lol, no really congrats

  • Hoganizer

    Can you ask them about any applicable chances of them developping an “Open for Business”-esque expansion pack for The Sims 3?

  • Ana

    Hi id like to know whats stopping them from making the following or how come they haven’t thought of the following:
    Toddlers interacting with other toddlers.
    Strollers for twins and triplets.
    Having guest sit down at weddings.
    Opening up the school for at least Prom.
    Opening up restaurant.
    A diving board for the pool.
    More of everything for babies.

    Also do they even read the ideas and feedback section in the forums because theyre not doing much.
    Thanx for taking questions.

  • Cakecraver

    If you get the chance, ask them what ideas they’re thinking about adding in future packs. 😮

  • Titanicdoug99

    In sims 3 unleashed can there be ferrets! PLEASEPLEASE!!

  • Titanicdoug99

    In sims 3 unleashed can there be ferrets! PLEASEPLEASE!!

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