Sims 3 Generations Thought: Where Does the Dog Poo Come From?

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Like always, I’m getting a bit more excited about the next Sims 3 expansion: Generations. EA’s spoon feeding us more information and with each little nugget, the thing looks like it might actually add more value than annoying pranks.

But there’s been a detail that’s bugged me from the start: where does the dog shit come from that’s in the flaming bag you can leave as a prank? Cause if it’s not from a DOG then it’s from a sim? And why does that disgust me more than the dog option?

So you tell me: where does that poo come from?


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  • ella10004

    You were right! Nice diagnisis!

    And I don’t know, human shit is much more disgusting. Maybe because the name “poo” is cute 😉

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