April 2011

Download the 2010 Saab 9-3 for Sims 3 From Fresh-Prince.

The Italian word Selvaggio has a bunch of different meanings including:┬ásavage, uncivilized, brutal and cruel. Those four words sum Desari up quite well. She’s: Artistic Charismatic Dramatic Inappropriate Mean Spirited She loves: Pancakes Indie music The color violet She’s a Capricorn and her Lifetime Wish is to become a Home Design Hotshot…which is going to […]

I have some ridiculously AMAZING NEWS!!! Like…wow. I just might find a bouncing gif to put in here somewhere. I entered Kmart’s contest for a chance to go to E3 with Kmart. That’s right, folks. E3. And guess what? I WON A PLACE! {Here’s my Kmart submission if you’re interested in reading it.} Among other […]


If you’re like me and can’t get cozy with any vamps in Late Night and you REALLY want to play as a vampire, I have your solution: SimTransformer for TS3. With this handy bit of custom content you can change your sims into: Mummy Frankenstein/SimBot Vampire Ghost: Old Age Drowning Starvation Electrocution Fire Mummy Curse […]