How To Take a Good Picture in Sims 3

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It seems everyone wants to keep picture taking in Sims 3 a secret.

Sure, there’s Camera Mode and most folks know you hit Tab and you’re in. But–and I know this can’t just be me–taking good pictures seems to be a closely guarded secret.

So while I don’t take the best pictures, they aren’t half bad so I’ll let you know what I do and you can take it from there.

The very first step is to find an empty lot.

Then you’re going to create a big, empty room–don’t forget a door.

Choose the simple flooring.

And make the floor white–hex #ffffff.

Select the flat wall.

Then make it white as well.

Add overhead lights–you can also add lamps and change the lights’ colors if you want special lighting effects.

Get in close to the sim you’re photographing. If you don’t, you’re picture will look like this:

Once you’ve zoomed in a whole bunch, hit Tab to enter Camera Mode. When you think you’re zoomed in enough, zoom in a bit more.

These are the keyboard shortcuts from Mod the Sims:

  • Zoom In/Out: [+] / [-] or [Z] / [X] or Mouse Wheel (up and down)
  • Move Camera: Right Click (Hold and Drag)
  • Move Left/ Right: Left Arrow / Right Arrow or [A] / [D] (Adding [Shift] goes faster)
  • Move Forward/Back: Up Arrow / Down Arrow or [W] / [S] (Adding [Shift] goes faster)
  • Save Camera Positions 0-5: [Control] + [4] through [Control] + [9]
  • Scroll To Camera Positions 0 through 5: [4] through [9]
  • Switch To Camera Positions 0 through 5: [Shift] + [4] through [Shift] + [9]
  • Toggle Cameraman Mode: [Tab]
  • Lower/Raise Camera Height: [Q] / [E]
  • Tile Camera: [Control] + Right Click or Middle Click (hold)
  • Rotate Left/Right: [<] / [>]

Now that you’re in Camera Mode, start snapping pictures. BUT, make your life easier and get Twallan’s Animator.

Here’s Marta outside with Twallan’s Animator but without any special lighting:

And here’s Marta in the “studio.”

And then there’s this one:

And the last one:

I did the exact same thing with Desari when I created her and snapped some shots.

Quick note on graphics since that’s the biggest bitch I see when people are asking/complaining about taking pictures in Sims 3.

I run Sims 3 and all of the expansions on my Dell Vostro 2510 laptop that has an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.00GHz with 3 GB of RAM that’s almost maxed on hard drive space. When I know I’m going to be taking pictures, these are my settings:

  • Check Enable Object Hiding
  • Check Enable Animation Smoothing
  • Check Enable Advanced Rendering
  • Reflection Quality: Mirrors Only
  • Edge Smoothing: High
  • Visual Effects: High
  • Lighting and Shadows: Medium
  • Tree Detail: Low
  • Draw Distance: Medium
  • High Detail Lots: 1
  • Texture Detail: Medium
  • Sim Detail: Very High

That’s just me and that’s what works for me. I can actually play the game with those settings but with the custom content I have in my game, everything gets a bit laggy with the settings up this high.

Try messing with the settings and see what works best for you and GOOD LUCK!

  • SamaryWinchesterMorales

    O_O oh wow thanx 4 posting this, I’ve got poses 4 my sims and I want 2 share them at thesimsresource(TSR) with good picture taking. I didnt even know that you could adjust camera height. No wonder xD

  • AmyEmZe

    where is the place in the photo? i want to bulid a house there?

    • http://Sims3Gamer.com/ Amy @ Sims 3 Gamer

       @AmyEmZe Sorry, but I don’t remember. I want to say it’s somewhere in Late Night but it’s been a while since I wrote this. 🙁

      • hersheyskissing

         @Amy @ Sims 3 Gamer  @AmyEmZe  thats definitely not bridgeport, i’m playing bridgeport right now and i’ve had it for a LONG time. it looks like sunlit tides to me

        • http://Sims3Gamer.com/ Amy @ Sims 3 Gamer

           @hersheyskissing  @AmyEmZe Can’t be Sunlit Tides since that just came out and this piece is over a year old. I’ll try and figure it out. 

        • AquaMidori

           @Amy @ Sims 3 Gamer  @hersheyskissing  @AmyEmZe  

        • AquaMidori

           @Amy @ Sims 3 Gamer  @hersheyskissing  @AmyEmZe  That town is effin’ gorgeous. Please do let us know when you or someone else figures out.
          And thanks for this tutorial! Helpful!

  • akwataghibea

    Thanks! This is amazing. I’ve been looking for how to take greay pics and you showed me!!!
    Thanx a lot! :]

    • http://Sims3Gamer.com/ Amy @ Sims 3 Gamer

       @akwataghibea You’re welcome! I’ll have another post coming up soon with cheats on how to improve on this. 

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