November 2010

One of the reasons I don’t play The Sims 3 Late Night as often as I’d like is I don’t have a lot of time when I can stop everything I’m doing on my laptop and dedicate it to nothing but The Sims. That’s when playing The Sims 3 in “windowed” mode comes in handy. […]

There are times when the regular teen clothes available in Sims 3 just won’t do. OK. Let’s be honest. There are a lot of times when those clothes won’t do – especially if you’re wanting more than a regular, vanilla game. Sometimes, you need something extra badass. With three recolourabe channels – the ties, the […]

Video robot

This is the first thing I’ve seen of Sims Medieval that wasn’t a press release and I’m glad EA decided to release this video since it gives ya a good look at what’s coming in March. A couple of thoughts from watching the video: The new Fatal Flaw sounds bad ass. This is something I’d […]