New Sims 3 Patch Info for Game Update 1.17/2.12/3.8/4.5/5.2

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I’m in the process of manually updating all the patches on my games – post’ll come in the next couple of days – and came upon this new patch that was released today.

All of the emphasis is mine.

[box]Base Game Updates

  • Players can now suppress Opportunities by selecting the Opportunities Suppression check box in the Game Options menu. This means players can still get opportunities through interactions, but no opportunities will be automatically directed towards the player.
  • The game can now detect downloaded content and use these objects in Sims’ dreams, opportunities, etc.

Live Mode

  • Sims can now form groups with one or more other Sims to stay linked to each other while out and about in the world.
  • Players can now set lights purchased from Buy Mode as a “black light.”

Create a Sim

  • Players can now adjust a Sim’s muscle definition and breast size.
  • New Sims can now have an Astrological Sign assigned.

Build/Buy Mode

  • Players can now use the Platform Tool to create stages and other elevated spaces.
  • Half Walls can now be created and placed on lots.
  • Urinals can now be purchased and placed in addition to toilets!
  • Using new rounded corners and size adjustments, players now have more control over the shapes and sizes of swimming pools.
  • Swimming pools are no longer restricted to being built on the ground floor. They can now be built on multiple other levels of a structure.
  • Players can now create fountains on Residential and Community lots throughout the world by using the Fountain Tool.

Edit Town

  • Players can now place the Public Sounds wall stereo on Community Lots to set and play continuous music throughout a community lot.
  • Additional bug fixes to existing features

World Adventures

  • Additional bug fixes and polish to existing features


  • Additional bug fixes and polish to existing features

Before installing an Update for The Sims 3, an Expansion Pack, or a Stuff Pack, it is a good idea to run through the following checklist to ensure your game continues to work smoothly.

If you have any questions about the below steps, please visit the Technical Support forum on the official Sims 3 community found at this URL: http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/forums/show/10.page

Step 1: Disable Custom Content

Custom Content is all Sims content that did not come from an official The Sims 3 Update, The Sims 3 Store, Expansion Pack, or Stuff Pack. Custom Content is created by 3rd Party Developers that are not regulated by Electronic Arts or The Sims 3 Development Team and may not work with new updates. Custom Content may cause the game to behave unexpectedly or not function entirely.

To disable your custom content, undo whatever you did to install this content to get your game back into an unmodified state. If you placed it in a Sims 3 directory folder, move it to a new folder that is outside your Sims 3 file directory. Your Sims 3 file directory can be found using the paths listed below:

Windows File Directory: C:\Documents and Settings\USER\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3

Mac File Directory: User/Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims/

Once you have installed the official update you may re-enable your custom content. If you experience problems, disable it again until the 3rd party developer updates their content to work with the official Update, Expansion Pack, or Stuff Pack.

Step 2: Back Up your Save Files

It’s always a good precaution to back up your save files before installing an Expansion Pack, Update, or Stuff Pack. To do this, copy the “.sims3” folders found in the Saves folder onto your desktop or another file directory.

Your Sims 3 Saves folder can be found using the paths listed below:

Windows File Directory: C:\Documents and Settings\USER\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Saves

Mac File Directory: User/Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims/Saves

After the Update is installed, run the game to verify your saves still function correctly.

Step 3: Let the Update Complete Entirely

Updates can sometimes be rather large and may take a while to download and install completely. Cancelling the update before it has completed may cause unexpected problems, so it is always best to let it finish entirely. Do not close the Launcher until you have confirmed the update is completely installed, as this will cancel the update.[/box]

You can read it the same thing on the official Sims 3 patch announcement.

  • Darreb

    Can’t say I’m to happy with the latest patch, So far I’ve noticed some issues for example when you earn money you no longer get the money earned floating up on the left hand side, also the sprinkler animation has vanished for me so you hear it working but no water and also it comes up a reward for buying a hottub … except there are no hottubs in the base game. Very Poor.

    • Amy

      Boo! That blows! I *just* got my game back to good this morning so the extent of my gameplay was CAS and a quick run through buying a lot and entering Build Mode just to make sure stuff wasn’t still borked.

      I’ll keep an eye out for what you’re mentioning.

      Also? The hot tub thing’s just cruel.

    • Amy

      Just read that if you have any censor mods loaded then you’ll lose sprinklers. Not sure if it’s true or not. Just thought I’d pass it along.

    • JoJo

      I noticed the hot tub thing to. Im guessing that its just getting ready for the addition of the hot tub in Late Night???

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  • Wayne

    I just bought the game today the Sims 3 Late Night and only 2 minutes into the game it crashes.
    Every time I re load it into the game play it crashes. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME.

    • Amy

      Have any mods loaded?

  • Wayne

    I’m so clueless with these things .
    MODS? not to sure with what that is but
    I uninstalled all my contents. Sims 3 Base Game, Ambitions and Late Night.
    Reinstalled The Sims 3 Base Game – Then The Sims 3 Late Night. And it still doesn’t work.

    … I was also told that I can load the game without the launcher, but that didn’t work as well. 🙁

  • Majica

    Hi! OK so my sprinklers are wavin around and all, too, but – no water. Also I can’t see one fish in the river. Nothing jumping or moving under water. Still catching them, though it’s hard to gauge where best to fish. I hate patches. When I see a new one I get the same feeling as when my Mother in law says shes coming to visit.

  • JoJo

    What the heck are all the little plus signs for in buy and build mode? Every time I move, build or remove an object I get a little plus sign. Its driving me crazy!!!!

  • JoJo

    Oh and I cant see the fire in my fireplace!

    • Kenneth

      same here!!! >:(

  • Majica

    I took out no mosaic and its all working properly now. Just wait to find an updated one. Thanks Amy! I wouldn’t have thought nomosaic would effect anything like sprinklers, fish or fire!

    • Amy

      Yay! I’m glad you’re back to good. Check out Mod the Sims – thought I read about an updated one.

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