Unable To Start Game Service Hell

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vI have a problem with impulse control and when I’m in lust over a game, I want it NOW not here in a few days when the game finally gets shipped to me.

And that’s why I’m stuck downloading WA for the second time in as many days.

The problem started a couple of days ago when I installed Fast Lane.

Initially I got these errors:

[box type=”warning”]Unable to start game Service initialization failed (0x02957b48) [/box]

[box type=”warning”]Unable to start game Your The Sims 3 Base Game is incompatible with the current Sims 3 Expansion Pack. Please update your game via the game launcher.[/box]

Now that first error was a pain and I wasn’t quite sure what the hell it meant but that second error just wasn’t true; I could see that the base was patched to where it was supposed to be patched.

I didn’t want to have to do was uninstall everything and then reinstall it. It’s not that I mind losing my sims and the process itself isn’t that bad even if you’re smart and manually delete everything.

What sucks is I digitally downloaded The Sims 3, World Adventures and High-End Loft Stuff Pack. The Sims 3 is 5GB and change. With the slow, slow speed the EA Download Manager sports, it takes forever for the game to download. WA is 3GB and change. There’s always a whole lot of sit around and wait when I have to fix something with a complete reinstall.

Before I started punishing myself with the process of uninstalling, downloading and reinstalling, I unistalled and reinstalled the EADM. [Which has gotten a mighty purty face lift, btw.] Didn’t do a damn bit of good.

I bit the ole bullet and deleted it all.

I picked through the registry and got rid of all that. I officially had a crystal clean laptop.

And the waiting started for the stupid downloads to complete. Finally, this morning, I installed The Sims 3 and ran it. The game updated like a good little game and ran through the entire load and to the sky view of Barnacle Bay.

Good to go.

My plan was to put my custom content back in piece-by-piece and see if everything kept working like it should. But, I figured I might as well get all of my games loaded before I installed the custom content since I need to make sure everything is compatible.

And this is where it get maddening.

So, The Sims 3 is patched to the highest patch []. [box type=”info”] If you want to know what patch you’re at and you’re not using the game launcher, head here: C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin\skuversion.txt. Check whichever game you’re wondering about. [/box]

I installed WA and clicked to launch the game so it would patch. And patch it did. Yay! Patched right to where it should be.

And wouldn’t you know it? Damn thing crashed to:

[box type=”warning”]Unable to start game Service initialization failed (0x02957b48) [/box]


Since one time of doing that wasn’t enough to convince me, I tried to start the game in the launcher but was me with a notice that the game needed to be updated.

And here’s the kicker: the EADM now listed my game version as 1.0.631. Pretty suck, huh?

Patched WA twice – cause I like wasting my time – and got the same results. Even when I told the launcher to not check for updates, it did it anyway.

SO, I did a basic uninstall from the Control Panel and refreshed the EADM so I could reinstall the game. And the bastard had been wiped from the EADM as well.

Before you look at me like I have five eyes and you say, “Duh!” I have to say I downloaded Bon Voyage, Double Deluxe, Pets, Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff, Free Time and Glamour Life Stuff via the EADM and maybe I’m smoking crack but I could have sworn the program kept the download info unless you told it not to.

This blows.

I have 4 1/2 hours left for WA to get done. And then I have to cross my fingers because if I have to uninstall it AGAIN then I’m going to have to wait. AGAIN.

I’m going uninstall the EADM again and cross my fingers that works.

Too freakin’ annoying.

Ideas and or solutions are always appreciated.

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