Sims International Film Festival Winners

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The winners of the Sims International Film Festival have been announced and I was blown away by these videos.

There are some fabulous machinima and it’s amazing what can be done with The Sims 3 – even with only base content.

These videos are the best of the best and though I haven’t posted all of the videos, I’ve posted my favorites.

Viewer’s Choice Top Feature

  • Irreversible by Bzanna

Best SIFF General Film

  • Welcome Home by JinjaNinja

Viewer’s Choice Top Films

  1. Eminence Rising by SylentWhysper
  2. Need You Now by Vampsessed
  3. Dissonance by SSProductions

Viewer’s Choice Best Trailer

  • Geeknapped by Eggzie
  • Tonight With… by Bahariawans

You can see the complete list of winners at Simatography and all of the videos on the Sims International Film Festival‘s website.


Welcome Home

Eminence Rising

Need You Now



Tonight With…

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