Compulsion to Play The Sims 3

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There are two things that kick me in the ass and make me want to play Sims 3: a new expansion and/or my game being broken.

At this moment, both are going on.

I swore off the digital downloads because they take so freakin’ long and that’s how I ended up with the disc for Ambitions. And wouldn’t you know it? Now I have the disc but can’t play the game because I’ve misplaced the disc box. Sheesh.

After fighting installing Barnacle Bay and playing around with it for a couple of hours, everything went bad and I wasn’t able to execute any programs. That was tons of fun, let me tell you.

My first thought was I had been taken over by a virus again but it just ends up that my anti-spyware/malware program was having some serious emotional issues.

Before I figured that important nugget of information out, I had resigned myself to the fact I was going to have to totally uninstall and reinstall everything. Since I don’t have any sims I’m particularly fond of, kill everyone off isn’t a big deal to me.

The big deal comes when I have to reinstall all this crap.

So now, I’m not only annoyed that I uninstalled everything when I didn’t need to but I’m also pissed that I can’t find this damn code. And then, just to pour salt in the wound, now I can’t quit thinking about playing Sims 3. No compulsion had reared its head for the last month and now, when I can’t play, all I can think about is playing the game.

This sucks.

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