Barnacle Bay Great World but Short on Pirate Stuff

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Land ho and a bottle of rum! Barnacle Bay is out and I received it to review.

Before I go any farther, I’m well aware of the fact that Barnacle Bay is NOT an expansion but I also don’t consider it a Stuff Pack since a new town/world is added along with townies and “missions” and that kind of thing. Maybe it’s a Stuff Pack on steroids. Call it want you want but don’t get snippy in my comments section over semantics.

Let’s get the basics out of the way.

Once you hand over 1650 SimsPoints, you’ll become the loving owner of a new world complete with new places to visit and new townies to torment as well as 18 new pieces of content.

Of the 18 items, I didn’t use many of them. The biggest draw for me was the new world’s change of scenery.

No matter how much I love Sunset Valley, after a while, it’s time for something new and it’s nice to play in Barnacle Bay for a while. Unfortunately, the pirate vibe is rather vanilla and I felt more like I was at a costume party than in an actual pirate world.

There are some pirate elements like the sunken ship and the restaurant but if you were expecting to build yourself a pirate themed sea shanty then you’re going to be disappointed. And while I realize you get 18 items and a fully populated world for under $20, Buccaneer’s Bounty should have been included; 700 SimsPoints for those 16 other items just doesn’t seem like much of a deal but 34 items and a new world would have made me feel like I had gotten a kickass deal.

As it stands, I can’t tell you if I would have bought Barnacle Bay – I didn’t buy it since I was sent a download code.

If you’re looking for a new world to get you interested in The Sims 3 again, this might spice things up for you but don’t expect to hear your sims speaking pirate or anything like that.

I’d probably give Barnacle Bay three plumbobs out of five and it would have gotten four if EA had combined Barnacle Bay and Buccaneer’s Bounty.

If you downloaded the world, what did you think? Worth your SimsPoints?

If you haven’t downloaded the world, do you plan to?

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