Awesomemod: What It is and Why You Want It

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Awesomemod is one of those mythical creatures you hear about but never see…kind of like sparkly unicorns. 

Message boards and forums talk about Awesomemod but they rarely give you link to said Awesomemod and there’s usually lots of talk about how amazing…err…awesome the Awesomemod is but no details are given.

Think of it as a secret club that you’re not invited to but people will discuss around you.

Well, you’re about to be in that secret club. You’re welcome.

First off, what is Awesomemod?

Think of Awesomemod as a huge ass cheat console…sort of.

  • It fixes annoying crap that EA didn’t think to fix or maybe just didn’t want to fix. It’s a like a whole bunch of mods all wrapped into one big daddy mod.
  • You can turn off the nudity censor, you have a slider hack that you can enable that allows you to under and over slide sliders for the face and body.
  • You can make your Sims 3 sims age like they age in Sims 2.
  • If you’re sims are having a particularly rough day or you want them to feel fantastic right before an important event, “max motives” is the thing for you.
  • Another cool thing about Awesomemod is it removes the games need for a game CD which come in handy if you’ve lost one or two discs…not that I’ve ever done anything like that.

That’s just a tiny, itty bitty list of what you get with the mod. For the full list of just what Awesomemod does/is you can head to the Awesomemod manual.

To download Awesomemod, head over to MATY [More Awesome Than You –  and now you know what that acronym stands for] and grab the latest version and pay attention to the installation instructions.

I suggest you backup your current Sims 3 game before you install the core mod just in case you screwup the placement of the mod and screw your game.

Good luck and have fun.


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