Barnacle Bay: New World Coming to The Sims 3

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EA seems to have been building up to Barnacle Bay for a while with all the EA created custom content you can purchase with SimsPoints.

How many huge sets have they offered with pages of content included in one big download?

It was just a matter of time before they offered an expansion/stuff pack exclusively through The Sims 3 Store and bought exclusively with SimsPoints.

What? You hadn’t heard? You got it. A whole new world with new places to go, new things to wear and new CAS things, new townies, new houses…lots of new.

If you’re into pirates and shipwrecks and knee-high boots, this will be expansion/stuff pack/download thing for you.

Not much information has been released about Barnacle Bay other than the press release I posted on the Press Release page [link]¬†and I don’t have a price for you.

All I DO know is the thing will hit in the Fall and that it looks damn cool.

Images courtesy of EA

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  • http://neu-visualrock.blogspot.com Tokiosims

    thx 4 info.,.,.great news from the sims 3 .,.but where can i download it on sims3pack???
    thx be4,.,

    [sorry 4 my bad english]

  • Tokiosims

    thx for info.,.,.but how and where i can download it on sims3pack .,.,.i’m waitting^^

    • Amy

      You get it from the Sims 3 Store.

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