Artistic Kitty Grant for Sims 3

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Look through any download site and you’ll see twenty or thirty of the exact same sim hanging out in obscurity because there’s nothing special about them. There’s nothing that grabs you by the short hairs and makes you pay attention to them.

I don’t see how anyone can look through the images Daluved1 posted along with this sim and not see something original contained therein.

Lots and lots of custom stuff going on with this sim.

If Daluved1 made the custom content then it’s packaged with Ms. Kitty. If the custom content came from another creator then you’ll need to download it┬áseparately. Not a big deal since it’s all listed on the Overview page [link].

Even if you’re not a fan of the sim as a whole, the Overview page lists a lot of great custom content that’s worth a look.

Though, if I were you, I’d download Kitty Grant and make her an integral part of your game.

Click here to download Kitty Grant so she can purty up your Sims 3 game.

Click here to download the custom Sims 3 content created by Daluved1.


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