The Sims Gets Medieval on Your Ass

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There’s been a rumor going around for the past few weeks about a “medieval” Sims game.

Some said it was a Sims 3 expansion. I read one theory that it would be an expansion for Sim 2…even though EA announced they wouldn’t be updating/expanding on Sims 2 any longer.

The thing about rumors in the gaming world, especially when it comes to EA and The Sims franchise is where there’s smoke, there’s almost always fire. Even if that fire…err…rumor or whatever is a bit off.

So by now, I’m sure you can guess that this whole medieval thing is happening. The only thing is, from reading the press release, this is a whole new simulation game.

Check out the screens:

While the concept is really cool and I dig the back in time thing but I just don’t know if I’ll buy this. I want to. I really do but I barely have time for Sims 3 as it is. I just don’t know if I can add ANOTHER game to the list of games I’m not playing right now.

Are you going to buy it? Are you excited about The Sims Medieval? Would you rather it be an expansion? Do you think EA’s spreading themselves too thin or maybe they’re trying to broaden their reach?

So many questions. So few answers.

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