August 2010

EA seems to have been building up to Barnacle Bay for a while with all the EA created custom content you can purchase with SimsPoints. How many huge sets have they offered with pages of content included in one big download? It was just a matter of time before they offered an expansion/stuff pack exclusively […]

LAND HO! DISCOVER A WHOLE NEW WORLD RIPE FOR INHABITING WITH THE SIMS 3 BARNACLE BAY Immersive Gameplay Experience Filled with New Content Offerings Available This Autumn for PC/MAC Ahoy Matey! The SimsTM 3 Barnacle Bay, a downloadable, all-new themed world to explore, will be available this fall exclusively at The Sims 3 Store using […]

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The progression of time in this machinima was brilliant and Atlanas did a wonderful job of illustrating just how hopeless Covan became as time went on. But it was the music that haunted me and the music is what made The Isle of Broken Ships. Great choice for what could have been a boring video.

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Rebirth is creepy as hell but is well constructed and flows nicely. Not to mention the visuals are great. Enjoy!

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I was poking around YouTube for some machinima to feature and stumbled upon this Late Night trailer. I had obviously seen the screenshots since I featured them here but I hadn’t actually seen the video. Looks pretty good though I wish they had shown more of the vampire so we can see how that’s going […]