Download Sims 3 Tattooinator to Create Your Own Custom Tattoos

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One of my main complaints about Ambitions is the fact you can’t make your own tattoos.

Or maybe you can and I just haven’t figured out how to do it? If you know of an easy way to make your own tattoos, let me know?

Anyway, I found this program that lets you make your own tattoos, chose the preview color, chose how many channel to have that are reclourable…it’s pretty sweet.

A couple of things to know about the program.

First off, you must have Ambitions installed. Some things will work if you just install the Ambitions patch even if you don’t have the game installed. This ain’t one of those things.

Secondly, the program will only work with Windows machines. Maybe CmarNYC will, at some point, decide to add a Mac flavor but don’t count on it. I’m pretty sure the Window version was a pain.

If you start playing with this and you get utterly [or partially] lost, CmarNYC has created a tutorial for the program. You can find the

You can find theĀ tutorial for the Tattooinator here.

Download the Tattooinator Sims 3 Ambitions below.

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  • Princess_Luna

    Well, is there a version for mac? Mac users want custom tattoos, too. When I downloaded I got an EXE not a JAR

    • MadWithMusic

      There is no mac version and I a, yet to see a mac equivalent. I just use Bootcamp to run windows when I make my tats.

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