Sims 3 Fast Lane Stuff Pack Out in the Fall

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See what happens when a girl leaves the internet for a couple of days?

EA announces a freakin’ stuff pack!

I wasn’t particularly inspired by High-End Loft. There just didn’t seem to be a hell of a lot there for the price point.

Anyone else feel that way?

Maybe this Stuff Pack will rock more that High-End Loft? That shouldn’t be too hard.

Straight from The Sims 3 site:


  • Give your Sims the rides they’ve always dreamed of—and the lifestyles that go with them.
  • Enjoy four all‐new styles of fashions, furnishings, and vehicles: Racing, Intrigue, Rockabilly,
    and Classic Luxury.
  • Create the ultimate garage to house your Sim’s professional race car or hot rod.
  • Deck out your Sim’s house in luxurious accessories to match their sleek new, luxurious rides.

And what would an official Stuff Pack announcement be without pretty pictures?

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  • http://www.thesimsinformant.com Nikells

    I wasn’t hugely impressed with the last stuff pack either: it seemed like they could of sold that stuff separately through the Sims 3 store and let people choose the bits they liked.
    I hope this one is going to be more than just 4 cars, a toolbox and a handful of outfits.

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  • HanginWithBusey

    Lies and propaganda until I see the disc, and comparatively, 20 bucks for the stuff in Loft Stuff is relatively cheap if you weigh it against what the same amount of items would cost on the EAxis of EAvil Sims3 store (not saying that stuff costs anything at all if you know where to look…)

    • Amy

      Loft Stuff blew. Plain and simple. I hardly use any of it and in my case, would have actually saved $ if I had just bought the stuff I wanted – piece by piece.

      But, you’re right, until the Stuff Pack is released, we won’t know for sure. Also? “…not saying that stuff costs anything at all if you know where to look…” 😀

  • Jen

    @ Amy – look on PirateBay

    • Amy

      heh Naughty, naught. 😀

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