July 2010

Comic books have been popular since they were first created way back in the early 1800s. Like wildly popular – everyone loved them. And then, for some reason, comic books became these things only freaks, geeks and losers read. I’m not judging. I’m just stating a fact. Now, the whole crossover comic book/movie thing has […]

Video robot

IĀ appreciateĀ it when creators go out of their way to make something original. Something a bit off the beaten path. Something damn scary. And zombies are huge right now so obviously you need a zombie in your Sims 3 game. I mean, it’s a freakin’ ZOMBIE for crap’s sake. A game wouldn’t be a game without […]

These babies are coming at us like hot cakes or something…or basically anything that might fly at your head quickly. First the base game, then World Adventures, then High-End Loft Stuff Pack, then Ambitions, then an announced Fast Lane Stuff Pack and now Late Night. My fingers are tired just typing all of that. All […]

Is it me or does it seem like the new patch [1.14/2.9/3.5/4.2] that came out on the 7th has a TON of stuff with it? Maybe it’s just because I haven’t played in a while? Who freakin’ knows? I haven’t installed this update yet since I haven’t played in a while but after reading through […]