June 2010

So, let’s see. We’ve talked about the Doctor Career and we’ve talked about the Ghost Hunting Career. I say the next thing we should talk about is the Firefighter Career. Who doesn’t love a hot, sweaty firefighter? Traits I suggest you grant your potential firefighter: Brave – No brainer, right? Athletic – A must. Handiness […]

DEBUT TRAILER FOR EA’S THE SIMS 3 FOR CONSOLE AND HANDHELD Behind Closed Doors, People Confess How They Play With Life…The Results May Shock You You can tell a lot about a person by how they create their Sims. Dominatrix workout fiend? We don’t judge. Check out the debut trailer for The Sims 3 for […]

Video robot

The first trailer for Sims 3 on consoles was released today and I gotta say it’s a pretty good one. Nothing new is shown – no real gameplay or anything like that so there’s no clue as to what it’s going to look like when you actually sit down with the game and get some […]

This isn’t all of the custom content that’s compatible with Ambitions. This is the custom content I might download or that I have downloaded. I’ll do more posts as I test things I already have and see if they work. If they do, I’ll let you know. Probably the biggest goody on this list is […]

Video robot

I have three different videos for you today. They’re a bit old but I hadn’t seen them before today so maybe they’ll be new to you as well. The three different professions here are Rockstar, Psychiatrist and Designer. They’re not supposed to be those professions in the game, per se, but what those professions would be like […]