Sims 3 Firefighters in Ur Houz Puttin Out Ur Firez

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So, let’s see. We’ve talked about the Doctor Career and we’ve talked about the Ghost Hunting Career.

I say the next thing we should talk about is the Firefighter Career. Who doesn’t love a hot, sweaty firefighter?

Traits I suggest you grant your potential firefighter:

  • Brave – No brainer, right?
  • Athletic – A must.
  • Handiness – This will help with upgrading your equipment.

Where to get start the Firefighter Career:

  • Head to the fire station
  • Grab the entry level position via computer
  • Grab the entry level position via the computer

Career levels and how many experience points it takes to advance:

  1. Water Boy [400 experience points] – Gain the I’m a Firefighter social interaction.
  2. Soot Stripper [600 experience points] – Sounds dirty. Get it?
  3. Fire Safety Instructor [800 experience points]
  4. Hose Handler [1000 experience points] – *snort* Gain the Firefighter Axe Wall Ornament.
  5. Fireman [1200 experience points] – Gain Personal Upgradable Fire Extinguisher.
  6. Fire Sergeant [1400 experience points] – Gain Hanging Fire Suit Wall Ornament.
  7. Fire Captain [1600 experience points]
  8. Backdraft Specialist [1800 experience points]
  9. Assistant Fire Chief [2000 experience points] Gain Immune to Fire Hidden Trait.
  10. Fire Chief [Ultimate goal] – Gain Fire Alarm and Fire Engine for home use.

Career Rewards:

  • Rescue Two Sims: Firefighter’s Trophy of Honor and 100 experience points
  • Rescue Ten Sims: Firefighter’s Medal of Aegis and 200 experience points
  • Complete Gnome Invasion: Firefighter’s Trophy of Valor and 100 experience points
  • Complete Epic Science Facility Disaster: Firefighter’s Medal of Heroism and 250 experience points
  • Complete Epic Hospital Disaster: Firefighter’s Medal of Safekeeping and 250 experience points
  • Complete Epic Warehouse Disaster: Firefighter’s Ribbon of Bravery and 250 experience points
  • Reach Career Level Ten: Firefighter’s Key to the Town and 100 experience points
  • Save 12 Sims at Level Ten: Golden Fire Hydrant and 400 experience points

Your responsibilities in the Firefighter Career:

  • Make friends with fellow firefighters
  • Improve Athletic and Handiness Skills
  • Respond to Emergencies

You get grades for the way you handle fires/emergencies. The faster you deal with the emergency, the better your score. Also, the higher your letter score, the more experience points you’ll get. If someone dies during an emergency, you automatically get a D. If everyone dies, you get a F.

Emergency Scoring [times in minutes]:

  • Small House Fire: A=180 B=240 C=320 D=400
  • Gnome Invasion: A=180 B=240 C=320 D=400
  • Large House Fire/Earthquake: A=240 B=320 C=400 D=440
  • Building Disaster: A=180 B=240 C=320 D=400
  • Science Facility Rescue: A=180 B=240 C=320 D=400
  • Hospital Rescue: A=180 B=240 C=320 D=400
  • Warehouse Rescue: A=180 B=240 C=320 D=400

Random but important information:

  • It’s important you make friends with your fellow firefighters. You earn experience points for doing so. If you screw up the relationship, you don’t get experience points for repairing the relationship.
  • Once your firefighter reaches Level 9 and receives the Immune to Fire hidden Trait, your firefighter can pass that Trait on to their kids. The Immune to Fire Trait means just what it sounds like: your Sims will NEVER burn.
  • If you’re playing hooky from work and your Sim misses a job, you not only don’t gain experience, you LOSE experience points.
  • If you’re in the process of dealing with an emergency and you see an axe symbol on a door, that means you can chop that sucker down.

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