Doctors Give a Shot of Fun to Sims 3 Ambitions

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From what I’ve seen, the Medical Career is the second most anticipated career in Sims 3 Ambitions followed closely by the Inventor.

And lucky for you, I have all the information you’re going to need so your prepared to dive right in.

Best bet Traits to make sure your Sim doesn’t flunk out of this Career:

  • Genius – Kind of a given, don’t you think.
  • Ambitious
  • Charismatic
  • Insane – if you’re feeling punchy

The ultimate goal of the Medical Career is to get to World Renowned Surgeon. You’ve gotta reach Level 10 – isn’t that always the case?

Career Levels:

  1. Organ Donor
  2. Bed Pan Cleaner
  3. Paramedic
  4. Medical Intern
  5. Resident
  6. Trauma Surgeon
  7. Gene Therapist
  8. Infectious Disease Researcher
  9. Neurosurgeon
  10. World Renowned Surgeon

Pregnant Sims can head to the doctor to get doctor-type advice and all that advice can lead to better, more awesome babies. I haven’t found anything about doctors helping with the actual delivery of said awesome babies – though that would be pretty awesome.

Free clinics and vaccinations are show up for you on the community map once you hit Level 3 in the doctor field.

When you’re out and about, don’t be surprised when random emergencies seem to just fall into your lap.

That’s all I’ve got right now. More to come later as I dive into the game more.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section and I’ll try to get you some answers.

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  • Anon

    A girl I made got a job as an organ donor, but I can’t go inside the building and control her in the work place which is what your supposed to be able to do when you get Sims 3 Ambitions. Why can’t I control her at work like I can with a fireman?


    • Lmaharj

      With the Jobs that were given in the beginning of the game, you’re not suppose to be able to control them. Instead, jobs can spawn while you’re at work for you to accomplish. The new jobs given to the game with the expansion are the only ones you can control your sims with.

  • Zoe

    Same :S I was well looking forward to controlling the sims as a doctor but it is just the same as it was on the normal game..why is this?

  • Jennie Wipf

    this is what i love about the internet sometimes you come across really nice articles like this one. regards

  • Lmaharj

    I read somewhere that after you become a World Renowned Surgeon and do a certain job spawn a couple of times that you get a reward. If you have found this to be true, can you post it?

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