Ghost Hunting Sims 3 Ambitions Style

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I’ve gotten all kinds of emails asking about the whole Ghost Hunter career in Ambitions. Asking stuff about how you get to be a Ghost Hunter. What happens to the ghosts…stuff like that.

So, I may not have had much hands-on time w/the game, but I do take good notes and I have ghostly things to share.

First off, let’s make things easier on yourself.

When you make your Sim, make them Brave and make them a Genius. Brave means your Sim won’t get scared off by ghosts and they’ll be down with all of that logical thinking they’re going to need.

To get into the career, you’ve got three options:

  1. Head to the science lab center thingie and join
  2. Grab the entry level position via computer
  3. Grab the entry level position via the newspaper

You can expect two assignments a night and you’ve got yourself two options. You can either use your Banshee Banisher [which is just fun to say] or, if you have enough Charisma, you can attempt to talk the ghoul into leaving.

If you manage to catch that ghost instead of sweet talking it, you have three options:

  1. Sell it
  2. Keep it as a momento
  3. Let that sucker go – kinda like catch and release…expect scarier

If you’re determined to sell the ghoul, know the nicer the ghost, the less money you’re going to get for it. Conversely, the meaner the sucker is, the more you’re going to earn. Nice guys will get you 50 simoleons all the way to 1k for the biggest ectoplasmic bastard.

Career levels and how many experience points it takes to advance:

  1. Tarot Card Reader [800 experience points]
  2. Ectoplasm Cleaner [1200 experience points]
  3. Spooky Noise Silencer [1600 experience points]
  4. Spirit Sweeper [2000 experience points]
  5. Seance Holder [2400 experience points and you unlock the Spook-O-Meter]
  6. Ghost Grabber [2800 experience points]
  7. Creep Seeker [3200 experience points]
  8. Rare Medium [ 3600 experience points and you get upgraded Banshee Banisher]
  9. Outstanding Occultist [4000 experience points]
  10. Paranormal Expert [Best you can get and you also unlock the Spirit Scanner. Yay, you!]

The pay kind of sucks but you have the chance to live the Ghost Busters dream.

Happy Simming!

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